Ashke seems to have gotten past whatever might have been causing pain in his left hock. I’m beginning to believe it was caused by a game of kick-me, kick-you with the gelding in the run next to him, since I caught them kicking at each other when I drove up the other day. For now, I’m pretty happy with how he is moving.

Saturday, a friend’s daughter came out and learned a little bit about horses. She learned how to hold a lead rope correctly (no loops), how to groom and pick out feet, watched the saddling process and held Ashke while I went to the bathroom. I rode him and then she untacked him, brushed him down and took him over for what is likely his last bath of the year. 

This was at the end of our Saturday ride.

He is working on keeping himself straight when we do a line of changes. 

It is definitely getting better every ride.

Don’t we all want our own 13 year old horse crazy girl groom?

What I did at work on Friday.

There were more than a 100 legal sized Banker Boxes on that trailer. T and I moved them from the office to the storage unit across the highway. Marvel handled it like a champ and none of the boxes fell off.

I wanted to share a pic of how Ashke’s neck muscle is looking. It used to be that it tipped to the left, but now it remains pretty straight in front of me. I am going to let his mane grow out and see what size it tips to.

Lily laying on my feet. One of her favorite places to lay.


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