Hello everyone!

This time I want you to come with me to the European Championships for Young Riders, Junior and Children 2018 on Fontainebleau Le Grand Parquet, France.

The event was organized by Grand Prix on the Showgrounds of Le Grand Parquet, Fontainebleau. It was the European Championships for jumping, dressage and eventing. Between the 3 disciplines there were over 600 horse/rider combinations over 7 days of competition. There were 7 arenas + the cross country, canteen, restaurant, bar and 80+ shops … needless to say it was a massive show. 

I was steward only for the Dressage part, but was an amazing experience being part of a such big show. I want to thank Didier Ferrer and Aurelie Naidja for the invitation and my fellow stewards Walter, Kasia, Natalia, Francisco, Valeria, Jean-Louis, Michaël, Magalie and Isabelle for all the things that I learned & then fun moments we had.  

Soooo, let’s begin!

July 7th

I arrived in the afternoon. This day was dedicated to get my accreditation, knowing the venue and the stewarding team. 

July 8th

The first thing in the morning was a round to the stables and the warm-up arena for some free training. In the afternoon I was at the free training arena and the warm-up again with a break in the middle. 

July 9th  

On Sunday I was on stable duty all morning. Then familiarization on the warm-up and at the evening helped with the Nations Parade. 

July 10th

In the morning I got stables and free training. And for part of the afternoon the warm-up. 

July 1th

In the morning I was on stables for a bit and in the afternoon again stables and warm-up for Juniors

July 12th

On Thursday in the morning I was on stables and bit control. In the afternoon stables for a bit. 

July 13th

In the morning I was on noseband control and the afternoon free training. In the evening the Dressage officials were invited to a BBQ by judge Isabelle Judet.

July 14th

In the morning I was on the 2nd part noseband control for Juniors and in the afternoon free training (that was next to the XC!!). 


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